6 Podcasts You Should be Listening to if you're a Detroit Young Professional

Podcasts are amazing, right? You can get through your commute, cleaning the house, running errands, cooking dinner all while learning something new or laughing til it hurts. If your podcast rotation is feeling a lil’ stale or you new to this and want some suggestions beyond the status quo like This American Life and The Read (which I freaking love, don’t sleep!) check out some of the following.


1. Bar Babes is like the Read from the Detroit perspective covering Black current events. Enjoy some shits and giggles from the hosts Bre and Monee every Thursday when they release an episode.  Bonus: Every week they have a new drink, so you can try something new at the house or at the bar. Episode to try: #theHAPPENING feat. @HeyItsLL



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2. Homegirls in the City is almost too accurate of an account of the Black woman’s story. This podcast explores dating perils, the corporate struggle and all the other things Millennials despise about adulting. I ended up binging on all the episodes available because there are only 6 right now and each is 8-10 minutes long. Now only if a dude will come out with homeboys in the city so we can figure out wtf yall are thinking… Episode(s) to try: Episode 5 Part 1 & Part 2


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3. There Goes the Neighborhood is on it’s second season talking about all things gentrified. It takes a brief, but deep dive into the stories of different winners and losers of gentrification.  Definitely, one of the more thought-provoking podcasts especially given the changes Detroit is experiencing. Bet we (Detroit) will be the focus of the next season. Episode to Try: This Is a Black Neighborhood. You Aren’t Black.






4. Side Hustle Show has interviews with small business owners that share how they started their business and scaled to four to five figures in monthly recurring income. These are usually regular people and sometimes they share some real gems you can use to increase your bottom line. Hustle inspo at its finest. Episode to try: Episode 163: How to Build a 6-Figure Blog in Less Than a Year:   


5. More Perfect will blow your f*cking mind. This mini podcast (just 6 episodes per season) illustrates the importance of the Supreme Court, which most don’t know much about it. The Supreme Court is nine appointed judges who made monumental rulings like Brown v. Education. We don’t realize how much power these 9 appointed judges have and this podcast illustrates the magnitude of those judges. Episode to Try: Object Anyway


6. Paychecks & Balances is hosted by two Black guys providing realistic financial advice. They keep it real and relatable for young pros trying to get their money right. They keep the content fun too, so you aren;t bored to tears learning about personal finance tings. Episode to Try: PB61: Let’s Talk About Money ft. Damon Young of Very Smart Brothas (Part 2)