waverunners | happy hours

  1. The Block (Midtown)
    probably the best HH menu in the Greater Downtown area. $3 calamari, $3 chicken wings $3 drinks, say less fam

  2. Savannah Blue (Downtown)
    probably the second best HH menu in the Greater Downtown area. Swankier vibe here, perfect for acting bougee  

  3. Queens Bar (Downtown)
    cool spot to grab drinks and to play a game. dope patio area when it's nice outside. If more than 3 black folk show up they change the music

  4. GHOSTBAR inside the Whitney (Downtown)
    the Whitney is a detroit staple as a home turned hospital turned restaurant in 1986. the bar is up on the third floor with tasty cocktails, they have absinthe. good move if you need a place to chill and talk

  5. Standby / The Skip (Downtown)
    both are in the alley belt. standby- very chill / DC-esque lounge. typically gets live around 10pm Thurs - Saturday. w/ craft cocktails. the skip is more of a summer spot w. slush cocktails think fancy ass wet willies/fat tuesdays